Androbolix 300

Editor's Review: 4.8 / 5.0

Androbolix300LowBy now you know that many testosterone boosters, regardless of their claims either don’t produce any noticeable results or have dangerous and bothersome side-effects. Natural ingredients are often included to reduce the chance of these two things happening, but still, many products fall short.

Androbolix 300 claims to be another one of those products that has natural testosterone boosting ingredients in order to give you the ultimate workout and muscle boosting and strengthening. Let’s take a close up look at the ingredients included in Androbolix 300 and see if it has the necessary ingredients to produce the results you’re looking for.

The Formula

Androbolix 300 has actually now been reformulated into Androbolix2000 and uses the following ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris – a testosterone booster so that there will be more testosterone available for use in muscle building.

Eurycoma Longfolia – is another testosterone booster and bioperine increases bioavailability in the body.

Are these active ingredients actually able to produce the results we’re looking for?

Does Androbolix 300/2000 Work?

Tribulus terrestris has been tested for its ability to produce results. Australian rugby players were asked to continue workouts and weight lifting while some were given tribulus terrestris and others received a placebo.

According to this study, results and outcome were exactly the same for those who took the placebo and those who took the tribulus terrestris, leading us to believe that either the concentration wasn’t high enough in the test, or this ingredient doesn’t really have the testosterone boosting ability we’re looking for.

Furthermore, tests were performed to determine the effects of eurycoma longfolia, which determined that this product is not bioavailable, which is why bioperine was included.

Because users complained that the ingredients from the original 300 formula were too weak to produce results, sales were low, which resulted in the amped up formula Androbolix 2000. However, we have seen no evidence to suggest that this formula is any stronger or any more able to produce results.

Are There any Remaining Problems with Androbolix 2000?

As mentioned briefly, we have seen no evidence that the “new and improved” is any more able to produce results.

Additionally, there have been reports of upset stomach when using Androbolix 2000, however we believe that this can be remedied by using eating when taking this supplement.

We weren’t able to find many reviews for this upgraded product, and this may be because the sales are still low and consumers have not chosen to put trust in this company another time. Additionally, there are no clinical trials on the product as a whole.

What We Think

The retail price of Androbolix 300/2000 is £69.99, however we were able to find it online for as little as £35.00 for a month’s supply.

In our honest opinion, we are quite baffled by the persistence of this company, seeing as there aren’t really any results for this “upgraded” formula. We believe that there are many other products that are able to produce results at a similar price and we would recommend looking elsewhere before choosing to purchase Androbolix 2000/300.

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